5+ Reasons Why You Should Use Jetpack on Your Website

WordPress JetPack Plugin 2017 new features

Jetpack plugin has recently released its new version i.e 4.9 to introduce more widgets, compatibility features, small improvements and bug fixes. The plugin has already proved itself as one of the best tools in the WordPress repository. It comes packaged with more than 30 features to let you boost the speed, security, and functionality of a website on the fly.

With the release of this new update, the Jetpack will become more powerful and productive for all WordPress site owners/users. It will help you enhance the look, features, functions and security of your site with ease. Once you install and activate it, you will be able to boast a ton of exciting features for your website.

Here, in this blog post, we will unveil more about the new release of Jetpack plugin, and also find out why this plugin is necessary for the success of a web business.

Note: If you want to use the Jetpack plugin, you’ll need to create a site on WordPress account – which is free to use.

What’s new in Jetpack 4.9?

The latest version of Jetpack  is for those who want to experience more customized way to enhance the feature and function of a website. Let’s find out what’s new in Jetpack 4.9:

Intro of three new widgets

From now, you will be able to access three brand new widgets for your WordPress website. You can use the following three widgets:

1.1 EU Cookie Law Banner Widget:

This widget lets you show off the standard confirmation that has been required by EU law. It allows web visitors to accept site cookies with ease.

1.2 Internet Defense League Widget:

Add a widget to let web visitors see the support for the Internet Defense League.

1.3 Flickr:

Now, you can show a ton of images directly from your Flickr account using this option.

This can drastically improve the compatibility issues and let you focus more on the design of your website.

Minor Enhancements and bug fixes

There are few enhancements made by the core team of Jetpack plugin to let people enjoy its vast range of features to the maximum. There is also some bug fixes that will definitely enhance your overall experience.

2.1 Now you don’t need to worry about unused codes because Jetpack is all set to remove them and also raise the unit tests to let users get the most of out it without any annoyance.

2.2 Eliminates the compatibility issues between the plugins by making the use of login form. It will also support IPv6 addresses in a more better way.

2.3 From now, plugin updates will trigger the built-in WP maintenance mode to strengthen the overall security.

2.4 If are already using the Ninja Forms, the plugin won’t activate the Contact Form automatically. It will give you an option to activate it manually.

2.5 A more dedicated and compatible multisite support will be the key highlight of this new version.

As of now, you are well-enlightened with all the updates and changes in the Jetpack plugin (based on the latest release, 4.9). We are now moving ahead and focus on the five reasons that will help you know why you should need a Jetpack plugin for their website.

5+1 Key Reasons:

1. Enhanced stats and hassle-free editing mode

While the stats help you know the performance of your site, editing allows you to improve the existing features, functions and visual-elements at ease. With the use of Jetpack, you will be able to access the stats of your site in a much engaging and organized manner.

This particular feature has become more robust as compared to older versions of this plugin. Now, viewing a full stats for a particular day is just one-click away.  There is an extended display area, along with three columns of stats (showing weeks, months and days) to let people fetch their data with ease.

Apart from this, there are some minor additions to the stats section, such as Average per Day view, Down CSV option, and Follower Totals.

When it comes to hassle-free editing mode, then you will definitely enjoy this new writing experience. In the editing section, you will see better and more visible places for preview, publish and post buttons. Even, the sidebar has been toggled to give seamless experience to those who wants to write or publish their content on their site.

2. Improve the overall design of your site

Yes, you make it possible – all thanks to Jetpack’s 165 new free themes. Now, you will be able to choose from 165 beautiful themes from Jetpack to enhance the overall look and feel of your site at free of cost.

These themes are developed by and help you create beautiful, responsive, cross-browser compatible and mobile-friendly websites at ease. You can preview and activate these theme via Theme Showcase. All you need to do is to select your Jetpack site , scroll down to the new section “ themes” and browse the most suitable theme for you.

You can also find extra functionality for displaying your content such as the Jetpack portfolio post type that makes it easy to get your work / content showing in a styling manner.

3. Strengthens the site’s security

Since WordPress is vulnerable to security attacks, this protect feature of Jetpack will help you enhance the security of your website with ease. You can protect your site from security attacks by letting this plugin block malicious IP addresses, and restrict repeated failed login attempts.

Plus, it offers automatic plugin updates that checks whether the plugins is vulnerable to security threats or not.

4. Publicize and re-publicize your social media content

Social media is one of the best platforms for content distribution. You can promote your blog posts on popular social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ to generate more web traffic.

The Jetpack’s Publicize feature allows you to share your new posts automatically on these leading platforms. You just need to connect to your social media accounts, and the plugin will automatically share your new posts instantly.

And the best part is that you can re-publicize your published content at ease. For that, you will need to access your Blog posts section, select Share, and you will see the new option for reposting the content to your social media networks.

5. Robust Multisite support

If you run multiple WordPress sites, then there is a good news for you. The Jetpack’s new update has improved the overall experience for those who run multisite. Its Manage feature will centralize multi-site management process for all the WordPress users.

The feature allows administrators to manage multiple websites from a single dashboard at ease. This means you can update themes, plugins, and even install the new ones in just one click.

+1 Bonus Reason: Fail-safe Backup Solution via VaultPress (Premium Feature)

We wanted to mention this amazing feature that we also use on our site: Vaultpress.
Jetpack has a premium subscription option – which is very affordable – that adds a powerful backup service to your site called VaultPress.

It takes daily backup of your files and database and saves it on a remote location (WP’s official servers) so you can do a 1-click restoration any time your site encounters a problem – gets hacked or you accidentally delete files.


These are the few reasons that will help you know why Jetpack is a must-use plugin for WordPress users. It’s highly-rich and powerful features,versatile approach and compatibility functionality make this plugin one of the best tools in the WordPress.

Author Bio:

Tracey Jones is a prolific writer, WordPress developer and bit of a geek who share her knowledge in the form of  tutorials, tips and tricks guide. In this blog post, she’s exploring the latest version of Jetpack that let you enhance the security and functionality of your WordPress site easily. Follow Tracey on twitter.