Adding a Photo or Slider to your Pages

Similar to adding a photo or slider to your front page tutorial, this one simply goes to a different sidebar position of “Page Banner“.

For Photos: Prepare your photo before you upload it to your Media Library with a recommended 1920 x 225 size for those with large monitors.

For Sliders: You just need your shortcode available

Note: Make sure you have the “Advanced Text Wdget” plugin installed because this is a very flexible widget that lets you disable the title output plus you can select where you want your widget to show in your site. In this case, we will be saying “Pages”.

  1. Upload your photo to the Media Library and copy the url path to the full size image
  2. Go to Appearance >> Widgets
  3. Drag an “Advanced Text Widget” into the “Page Banner” position
  4. Create your title and then in the text area field, paste this code into it, but replace the /your-image-path with your own:
    <img src="/your-image-path" alt="My nice Photo" />
  5. In the “Widget Visibility” settings, select “Page” and then “Suppress Title Output
  6. Click Save

If all goes well, your site “pages” will look like this:



Please be aware that this page banner tutorial will display your photo on “all” pages. If you need more control of what pages or posts you need this photo on, you will need to use a plugin like “Widget logic” which adds a text field at the bottom of every widget. It allows you to use WordPress Conditionals to display each widget on a specific page or post by name or ID. For example:

If you have a page called “Services”, then your conditional would be: is_page(‘services’)

If your page called “Services” has an ID of 21, then your conditional would be: is_page(’21’)

You can read more about WordPress Conditions here: Information