How to Create a page like the demo homepage

In this tutorial i am going to show you how to create a page which is similar to the demo of sleeky pro theme. if you follow the process step by step you will be able to create your site as the demo. Create a Page: First you need to create a page and assign […]

How to Create Counters

With sleekly pro comes features that enables you to create a counter to showcase your project in numbers for your visitors Please copy paste the following code and create the counter for your website. [counter value="195" start="1"] Lines of Codes</div>

How to Create Accordians

With sleekly pro comes features that enables you to create a accordian for your visitors with 5 styles available. Simple Accordion A simple accordion for your best use, you can change each color following our instructions to use the color. Just copy the following code and change the content according <div id="sleeky_accordion"> <h3 class=" accordian_title">Welcome […]

How to Change the Page Layout

Sleeky Pro enables you to choose three different layout according to your preference. How to Change the Page Layout Go to WordPress Dashboard Go to Pages that you want to change the layout and press edit. Go to the Page Attributes Section and select the page templates Click on publish Available Page Templates Default Page […]

How to Setup The Top Bar

Sleeky pro comes with an options to show the top bar with information such as telephone numbers, email address, small announcement and social icons. You can get an text field section to enter you required things and you will get social icons displayed at the top. How to Hide The Top Bar Go to WordPress […]

Lavish Pro was updated to 1.0.7

Lavish Pro was updated to version 1.0.7 with further improvements and features addition. Changelog: Responsive Menu bug Fixed WordPress 4.3 Compatiblity bug fixed Language Translation ready Bug Fixed Undefined Error Bug fixed Adding hide title for blog and single post Adding features of cutom title for blog  NOTE: A reminder that if you made any […]

Luminescence updated to version 1.2.0

This is a small fix but necessary fix for the Luminescence theme. Whenever someone inserted a Featured Image into their post, it was not centering with the date circle on top of it. So if you used a small image, it was floating to the left. This is now fixed with version 1.1.4 of Luminescence […]