Available page templates

Home page as shown in template is fully widgetized

Front Page With Static Banner : Home Page template with Static banner

Front Page With slider : Home Page template With Slider

Default page template, Nosidebar : This Page template is default for page content. This template shows content without out sidebars

Page With Both Sidebar : This template shows content at center and sidebar on bothside.

Page With Left Sidebar : This template display content with sidebar on left.

Page With Right Sidebar : This Template display content with sidebar on right.

Photo Gallery : Page template for Photo Galery.

Video Gallery : Page template for Video Gallery

Portfolio archive : Archive View of Portfolio


Widgetize page template.

These page template display content from widget section. For more details you can see it in our demo

Testimonial template : Page template for testimonial

About : Widgetize Page template

Blog : Widgetize Page template

Contact : Widgetize Page template

Portfolio Widget : Widgetize page template. This template dispaly widgets from widget section