Before you install Circumference Lite

Before you install Circumference Lite, it’s important to know a few things before you begin.

  1. We are on the assumption that you have some basic understanding of how WordPress works. However, if you are new to WordPress, we recommend you check out for documentation for installing and using WordPress. You may also want to consider checking out for video tutorials about how to use WordPress. If you need help with understnading the basics of HTML and CSS, you will want to bookmark as a reference.
  2. Plugins are NOT included with this theme. We do not include these because not everyone wants to use the same plugins and may have their own choices. Downloading plugins as you need them will also assure that you have the most recent version. This theme does use plugins, but they are considered to be optional.
  3. Support for this theme includes helping you with features and functions of the theme, bugs you may find, or if you need to know where specific code is. What is not included, are tutorials on how to customize your theme outside of the theme option settings, HTML or CSS tutorials.

Child Theme

If you believe you will be making any modifications to the core files of this theme, whether now or later in time, WordPress recommends you install a Child Theme which lets you make changes while maintaining the ability to keep your theme (the Parent Theme) updated without losing your changes. You can read more about child themes here:

Child Themes

Circumference Lite helps you out by giving you a premade child theme that you can install. This is found in the theme files within a folder named “child-theme” and contains an installable theme file. You would simply install this like any other theme, then activate it. It’s important to know that before you do this, make sure that the parent theme (Circumference Lite) is installed.