Before you start uploading images, set your media sizes

The most annoying thing with WordPress is that they have a set group of dimensions for images already in place when you install WordPress. What happens when you upload a photo, you will get several thumbnail sizes created automatically – whether you want them or not. This is a major problem for many because eventually your host server will get filled with unused images which take up a lot of server disk space.

You don’t see all your thumbnails except just one in the Media Library of your site’s admin. But, if you were to go to your “uploads” folder through your FTP, you will get a shock of your life when you see how many images are there.

So…before we continue on with setting up Preference, we will change the default settings of WordPress so that this does not happen to us.

  1. Go to Settings >> Media
  2. In the first field labeled as “Thumbnail Size“, we want to only do one: 255 x 170
  3. In the other fields, clear them and put a 0
  4. Last, there is a setting option to place our images into dated folders…to me, this is messy, but if you “need” your photos in specific dated folders, then keep it checked, otherwise uncheck this. This will then put all your images into one folder only.
  5. Click Save Changes

By doing the settings above, we will have all images in one folder and only two thumbnails per upload:

  1. 255 x 170 will give us a standard size for galleries, and for our blog if you want to use the smaller image (more on this in the next tutorial)
  2. Full size will be our other image which is the original image that you upload.


For any site, I would recommend cropping and sizing your photos as you need them before uploading so that you have full control over how your photos look and manage file size as well with optimization. I generally don’t set any dimension in the Media Settings because of my preference to do my own thumbnails. Much more control that way.