Blog Settings for layout and featured image sizing

The blog offers you a few layout possibilities and it will depend on what kind of blog you manage, but also what kinds of posts you plan to write. Featured images will also determine what you prefer in a layout, plus size will also be taken in account.

First, you get the following blog layout options:

  • Blog Right Sidebar
  • Blog Left Sidebar
  • Blog Left & Right Sidebar
  • Blog with Full Width no Sidebars

For images, you get these two options:

  • Wide Featured Image (default)
  • Small Featured Image (floats to the left of your post summary

Featured Image Sizes

If you decide to use featured images for your posts, you can have them any width you want up to 720px in width when using the Wide Featured Image setting, or for the Small Featured Image, I would recommend somewhere around 290px in width. You can have your images any height you want, but I would recommend keeping them reasonable. To help you out with a guideline, you may want to consider these sizes:

  • Wide Featured Image = 720 x 300 
  • Small Featured Image = 290 x 190

I would recommend you prepare your images before uploading them so you have theme ready to insert into your post. Make sure they are optimized too for faster browser page loading, especially when using the wide featured image setting.

 Layout Settings

  1. Go to Appearance >> Customize >> Basic Settings
  2. Select your layout 

Screencast Tutorial