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Installing Celestial Lite

December 23, 2013    

There are at least two popular methods of installing a theme into WordPress: Using the built-in Installer Manually uploading the theme The first thing you will need to do is to download the theme to your desktop which will be the file “”. Using the Installer Once you unzipped the package, you will need to log into your site’s admin area (dashboard as WordPress calls it). Go to Appearance >> Themes When…    read more 

Introduction to Celestial Lite

December 23, 2013    

Welcome to the Celestial Lite theme introduction…as you go through these setup tutorials, I will be assuming you already know the basics of how WordPress functions and that hopefully, although not required, that you have at least some basic knowledge of CSS and HTML. If you don’t, you really should have these skills because at some point whether you are using my themes or others, you may need to make some form…    read more 

Exploring a new Styled Themes website

December 8, 2013    

Welcome to the new Styled Themes website for 2014! At first glance, you may have noticed a few things have changed…actually a lot of things have changed, including a complete new colour scheme with softer and darker tone. Of course, this is just the visual side of things because behind the scenes, a lot of things have changed as well.