Setup Tutorials for Preferential Lite

Welcome to the Setup Tutorials for Preferential Lite. These are the standard guidelines to help you install, configure, and customize your newly downloaded theme. If you have any requests for additional tutorials relating to this theme, please contact me and I will review your suggestions. These tutorials are also based on the assumption you have a basic understanding of how WordPress works.

Setup your Social Networking icons

Preferential Lite includes several social networking icons that you can use with links to your profile. These are not sharing links, but more of allowing visitors to follow your profile page on Twitter, Facebook, and others. The currently list of networks available in Preferential Lite are: Twitter Facebook Google+ Linkedin Pinterest  Flickr Youtube Vimeo Instagram Reddit Picassa Stumbleupon WordPress Github Dribbble Tumblr RSS Each icon is activated once you add your url to each social network that you have. Also, when you fill in your urls into each one from the theme option settings, they won’t appear right away in the preview window, you will see them on the front-end of your website after you click Save and Publish. Below is a screenshot of the live demo site for Preferential Lite: Enable Your Social Icons Go to Appearance >> Customize >> Social Networking Fill in the full URL for each…    read more 

Setup your logo

With Preferential Lite, you get several logo and title options to choose. You can use just a logo, a text title only with tagline, or a logo with a title and tagline. Please note your logo with a title and tagline will sit centered above the title. Default Logo – Allows you to use the default logo with your own site title and tagline Your Logo – Allows you to use an image for your logo and title as one Logo with Title and Tagline – Allows you to use your own logo and have it positioned like the default logo layout with your site title and tagline Text Title – No logo, just a site title and tagline option Choose Your Option Go to Appearance >> Customize >> Site Title & Tagline Choose one of the 3 options: If using a logo, uploaded it Edit the Site Title and…    read more 

Create a Custom Front Page and move the Blog

The most common change people make with WordPress now is moving the blog further into the site and create a custom page for the front of their site; also known as a static front page. I will show you how this is done which is what I did for the live demo site for Preferential Lite. What you put on your custom front page will be up to you, but this tutorial will get you started with a foundation to build on. Create Two Pages Create one page and call it “Home” or whatever you want. Choose a page template for your new front page. Add your content if any Publish your page. Create a second page and call it “Blog” or whatever you want to represent your blog Publish your page. Tell WordPress What to Use Go to Settings >> Reading Under “Front Page Displays“, select the Static Page…    read more 

Make your own menus

I won’t go through every menu in detail, but we will begin with a quick introduction and then dig right in and make our site’s main menu (Primary Menu) for our website. Preferential Lite includes two menu locations that are precoded into this theme: Primary Menu – This is the short menu that you see on the live demo site and sits to the right of the logo container Footer Menu – This is the footer menu which will be seen at the very bottom of your page Primary Menu Screenshot Footer Menu Screenshot  Create the Primary Menu Go to Appearance >> Menus >> Create New Menu Title your menu what you want, but for now, type in Primary Menu Click “Create Menu“ With the Menu Settings, choose “Primary Menu” as your menu location. Begin adding menu items from the left column boxes labeled as Pages, Links, Categories, etc., by…    read more 

Use a Child Theme to Modify Theme Files

You will hear this often and this is something that WordPress recommends; but if you plan to make custom changes to your theme, whether mine or from someone else, the best way is to use a child theme. You can read more about child themes here: Child Themes The reason for using a child theme is because if updates are available for your theme, in this case the parent theme of Preferential Lite, you won’t lose any custom changes because they were done in the child theme. How this works is that the child theme inherits the styles and functionality of the main theme (the Parent theme), so any updates that happen, it will inherit those. However, if you made any custom changes to the theme, these exist in the child theme and not the parent theme, which is why when you update, you don’t lose the changes. When to…    read more 

How to find your theme options

Preferential Lite uses the WordPress Customizer which is a feature WordPress offers you to make changes to your active theme. Every theme will load up within the customizer, but what will be different from theme-to-theme are the settings and options they offer. The customizer gives you a live preview window of your website, and within the left column, you will see a series of tabs, each labeled as to what they are for. Access Your Customizer There are a few ways of getting to the customizer: Go to Appearance >> Customize In your Dashboard home page, click on the big button labeled as “Customize Your Site” Go to Appearance >> Themes >> Customize Go to Appearance >> Themes >> Details >> Customize The two most common methods are from the dashboard home page and the menu under Appearance >> Customize    

Media Settings for Image Uploads

This should be considered as optional, but I will explain and show you why I like to remove my WordPress media settings which are preset when you first install WordPress. If you go to: Settings >> Media >> Media Settings …you will see the following media sizes and other settings: Now I will show you what it does by uploading 17 photos to my Media Library… With Media Settings As you can see, WordPress will automatically generate thumbnails based on the settings (sizes) whether you want them or not. In fact, my media library went from 17 photos to a whopping 56! Why would you want to remove the settings? Because your hosting package has a certain amount of diskspace given to you, so if you upload a lot of images on a regular basis, that diskspace is going to get filled up fast and you will be billed by…    read more 

Introduction to the Plugins Used for this Theme

Preferential Lite offers several features, but some require plugins if you decide to use them and should be considered as optional. You will need to download and install these because they are not included in the download of this theme. I do this so that everyone can choose which plugins they want to install, but it also ensures the most recent version of each plugin is installed. To install plugins, you will go to: Appearance >> Plugins >> Add New Do a search for the name, click Install, and Activate. Plugins the Demo Site Uses Jetpack – This is a comprehensive plugin (actually several plugins rolled into one) that handles most of the functions and features. Dynamic Widgets – This lets you publish widgets to your choice of pages, posts, etc. Breadcrumb NavXT – This gives you a breadcrumb navigation above the content area in pages Hide Title – Allows…    read more 

Installing Preferential Lite

If you are experienced with WordPress, or know how to install themes, you can skip this tutorial. However, if you are new or a beginner, this tutorial is for you. Before you install your theme, you will need to unzip the theme package first because inside that is your theme file you install: If you are Getting Errors After Installation A common issue that can occur with users new to installing WordPress themes is a “Broken theme and/or stylesheets missing” error message being displayed when trying to upload or activate the theme. This error message does not mean that the theme you have purchased is broken, it simply means it has been uploaded incorrectly. Luckily, there is a very easy fix. Please follow the steps below to rectify this issue or watch the screencast. Download the theme package zip file, unless you still have this from the first download. Unzip…    read more