Setup Tutorials for Encase Pro

Welcome to the Setup Tutorials for Encase Theme. These are the standard guidelines to help you install, configure, and customize your newly downloaded theme. If you have any requests for additional tutorials relating to this theme, please contact me and I will review your suggestions. These tutorials are also based on the assumption you have a basic understanding of how WordPress works.

Page Templates

In this tutorial, we will be guiding to the page templates that Encase Pro provides. Default Template This template is default and it shows content only. Home Page Template This template shows the homepage created through customizer. HomePage2 Widgets This template is helps to shows content along with the widget. Full Width no Sidebar This Templates Displays the Content full on the screen Portfolio This Templates Displays portfolio Page. Portfolio (Sortable) This Templates Displays portfolio Page along with filters.   How to change the page templates

Before you install Encase Pro

Before you install Encase Pro, it’s important to know a few things before you begin. With this theme, you get a lot of files and folders within the downloaded package that may seem confusing as to what each one is for. We recommend taking some time to explore the contents so that you will have an idea of what is included. We are also on the assumption that you have some basic understanding of how WordPress works. However, if you are new to WordPress, we recommend you check out for documentation for installing and using WordPress. You may also want to consider checking out for video tutorials about how to use WordPress. If you need help with understnading the basics of HTML and CSS, you will want to bookmark as a reference. Plugins are NOT included with this theme. We do not include these because not everyone wants to…    read more 

How to make your front page look like the live demo site

In this tutorial we are going to show you how to create a front page like the demo, all of the process are explained below: Step 1 – Plugins That are Used Widgetkit Lite – For the front page slideshow Remove Widget Title – Allows you to hide the widget title from the front-end Jetpack Widget Visibility – Lets you publish widgets on select pages Step 2 – Create a Home Page Slider You need to create a slider using widgetkit plugin. The complete tutorial to make a slideshow can be find here: and place the shortcode that come from widget kit to banner-wide widget position. Step 3 – Create a Call To Action You can create a call to action as the demo site using the following snippets: <h2 class=”home_page_title”>Get Your Business Started With Flat Responsive</h2> <p>Use Flat Responsive theme to create your business website as it is SEO…    read more 

How to work with Google Fonts

In this tutorial, we’re going to show you how to use Google fonts in Encase pro theme. What is Google Fonts ? Google Fonts is an interactive directory of free hosted API for web fonts. This directory has now more than 650 web fonts and it’s increasing each day. You can find those fonts here :  Getting Started Download the Plugin After you have downloaded the plugin Activate the plugin After you activate your plugin you can go to Settings menu, and select google fonts Choose font from the dropdown and click on the show options, afterthat select the tags where you want your google fonts implemented . For example if you want your h1 class to be font “abel” choose font abel and select the h1 property. If you want different fonts for all selector you can choose the fonts from font1, font2 and font 3 respectively. After…    read more 

How to Display Social Networking icons

In this tutorial we are going to show how social networkings icons work in Flat Responsive. Flat Responsive includes several social networking icons that you can use with links to your profile. These are not sharing links, but more of allowing visitors to follow your profile page on Twitter, Facebook, and others.  Additionally, you can add a cart icon and email icon on the bar. Each icon is activated once you add your url to each social network that you have. Also, when you fill in your urls into each one from the theme option settings, they won’t appear right away in the preview window, you will see them on the front-end of your website after you click Save and Publish. Enable Your Social Icons Go to Appearance >> Customize >> Encase Footer -> Social Networking Links Fill in the full URL for each of the social networks you belong to….    read more 

How to Set up Your Logo

With Encase Pro, you get several logo and title options to choose from: Go to Appearance->Customize->Site Title & Taglines->Site Identity and choose your logo. NOTE: Please keep your logo to a reasonable size because there is only so much room to put one in when your site menu is using the Primary Menu location (positioned to the right of the logo container). You get more flexibility if your site title and logo are one image, but for a logo with a text based title and tagline (like the demo site), your logo should be close to the size you see. If you need a bigger logo area, then you will need to put your main menu into the Secondary Menu location (below the logo).