Theme Updates

Welcome to Theme Updates – a category dedicated solely for the purpose of giving you information on what themes have been updated and also detailing what was added, modified, or removed.

Circumference is updated to version 1.0.3

March 26, 2014    

Circumference was updated to version 1.0.3 with a few minor changes, but one update is related to the Widgetkit slideshow theme style I created. After the last update when I had to change how lists and list styles were used in page content, this also affected how the slideshow displayed slides (which uses lists). A space at the top of each slide was visible, so this update now fixes that problem.  

Celestial Reloaded updated to version 2.5.4

March 26, 2014    

Celestial Reloaded was updated to version 2.5.4 with several code updates. I’ve added several social networking icons (Github, WordPress, Reddit, Digg, Stumbleupon, Instagram), updated the WordPress Gallery styling due to changes they made with how the gallery is structured and displayed. For more details of what was updated, see further below. Also, please be aware that some updates in the list might affect some layout or visual changes to your website pages…    read more 

Circumference is updated to version 1.0.2

March 18, 2014    

Circumference was updated to version 1.0.2 with a couple important updates. This update also includes one from a previous update that was not announced yet which was version 1.0.1 and this resulted in a change of how fonts were included into the theme. This latest version fixes an incorrect path to the font files which were showing up as 404 errors (not found), so this means the fonts used were not being…    read more 

Preference is updated to version 1.5.1

March 6, 2014    

Preference was updated to version 1.5.1 with a few minor updates. Anyone using the banner widget position may have discovered that the last version did not have the theme option setting to allow adjustment of the banner padding around the image or slider you may be using. Because this was missing, I added this setting back into the theme options which is found on the Header Image tab.

Celestial Reloaded updated to version 2.5.3

January 23, 2014    

Celestial Reloaded was updated to version 2.5.3 with important updates. I’ve made some changes to the HTML snippets, as well added a couple more for the contact form, as well as the front page widgets that are seen on the live demo site with the thumbnail and content elements. The form styling was also changed to be more responsive on smaller mobile screens, so you may want to use the contact form…    read more 

Encounters is updated to version 1.6.7

January 18, 2014    

Encounters was updated to version 1.6.7 which adds a secondary main menu location for anyone wanting or needing more space for bigger menus. This one is located below the logo and above the showcase banner. I’ve also made several menu styling adjustments as well a few for the logo when viewing your site in mobile devices.

Luminescence updated to version 1.1.4

January 9, 2014    

This is a small fix but necessary fix for the Luminescence theme. Whenever someone inserted a Featured Image into their post, it was not centering with the date circle on top of it. So if you used a small image, it was floating to the left. This is now fixed with version 1.1.4 of Luminescence and can be downloaded to replace your existing theme files.

Celestial Reloaded updated to version 2.5.2

January 9, 2014    

Celestial Reloaded was updated to version 2.5.2 which adds a new feature to the theme option settings. Because there was always a split of showing or not showing he featured image of a post on both the intro and the full post view, I decided to add a new option. Now you can choose to show the featured image on the full post view or not by going to Appearance >> Customize…    read more 

Celestial Reloaded updated to version 2.4.2

December 28, 2013    

Celestial Reloaded was updated to version 2.4.2 which fixes a few things relating to the portfolio. Apparently excerpts were missing and then there was a request by a few people to have the thumbnail image linked as well.