Celestial Reloaded updated to version 2.6.5

Celestial Reloaded was updated to version 2.6.5 with several code updates. When updating your theme, check your site’s front-end because there have been some style adjustments to certain elements. One thing I missed when I released Celestial Reloaded was the different colour options to list styles like the Celestial Lite theme offered; this is now available. You can check the list-styles.txt HTML snippet file for an update of colour classes you can now use. I also did some changes to mobile styling for the main menu positioning, as well the Widgetkit slideshow (if being used) also had it’s own style updated to provide much better mobile viewing of slide captions from phones to tablets.

Changes Made:

  • Fixed image styling with bordering to adjust and account for the extra border width requirements
  • Fixed the Widgetkit slideshow style “celestial” text not being responsive in mobile views
  • Added missing list style colours of red, green, blue, and yellow.
  •  Adjusted the main menu item heights to allow second rows to be closer to the first
  • Adjusted the main menu positioning for mobile screens
  • Changed how default page titles appear in the header and browser tabs
  • Updated the celestial.pot language file
  • Adjusted the twitter widgetkit plugin styling to include a celestial style for upload
  • Added new styling to the tagcloud widget

NOTE: A reminder that if you made any changes to the theme’s files, including the style.css file, these will be overwritten. It’s also recommended you make a copy of your theme and save it somewhere as a backup.