Change your page background colour or image

Although when your pages have a lot of content, they will stretch the browser downward, but for shorter pages, you can have a page background of a:

  • solid colour
  • Photograph
  • repeating image
  • or a combination solid colour with a transparent image

WordPress has another feature for Backgrounds which Celestial is taking advantage of. The main setting for your background is found on the Appearance menu in your dashboard admin area, but the WordPress Customizer also loads your background option.

By default, Celestial has a black page colour background, but you can change this.

  1. Go to Appearance >> Background
  2. Choose your colour from the colour selector (this screenshot shows the one in WordPress 3.5)
  3. Then click “Save Changes

Adding a Photo

Adding a Photo is simply done by clicking on the “Choose File” or the “Choose Image” button if your image is in the Media Library. You can then choose if this image will need a background colour or if you need it to tile (repeat).