Changing the Navmenu Styles

In this tutorial we will show you how to change the navmenu styling and colors.

Flat Responsive Comes with 5 Navmenu Styling Options.

How to change the layout of Header Style 1 Primary Menu:-

Customize Title


How to Change :

Change the Navmenu Style You can change the Navmenu Styling of the theme as we have offered 5 different styles for navmenus. Remember Navmenu styles will only affect if you choose header styles 1. Apperance-> Customize-> Header Settings-> Header Settings-> Choose Navigation Style
Change the Navmenu Colors You can change the color of the navmenu by using the customizer and choosing the colors as your choice. You can play with colors and make many styles and combination of color. Apperance-> Customize-> Header Settings-> Header Color Settings -> Navigation Colors