Choose your Blog Layout and Styling

With Pure & Simple, you get several blog layout templates:

  • Blog Full Width (no left or right sidebars)
  • Blog Left Sidebar
  • Blog Right Sidebar
  • Blog with Left and Right Sidebar
  • Masonry Layout without a Left or Right Sidebars

Blog Styles

You get four blog styles with Pure & Simple. Blog styles are not really layouts, but more of how your blog summaries look.

Blog Style 1

Blog style 1 is the default style for Pure & Simple, which gives you a smaller Featured Image below the post title and to the left of your post summary. Best suited when you use a left or right sidebar layout.


Blog Style 2

Blog style 2 gives you a Featured Image off to the left of both the post title and the summary content. You can have varying sizes of images, so you are not restricted to just one size…within reasonable sizing that is.


Blog Style 3

Blog style 3 gives you a larger image above the summary content with your content left aligned. This is best suited when you use a left or right sidebar layout for your blog and want to showcase large Featured Images in your post summaries.


Blog Style 4

This style is best suited for the Full Width (no left or right sidebars) so you can take advantage of very large Featured Images. Content is centered.


Blog Style – Masonry

Not really part of the blog styles, but more of a blog layout, the Masonry option gives you post columns without a left or right sidebar until you click on a post.


Featured Image Sizes

You have the option to choose the size of your featured images, but here are a few suggested guidelines:

  • For Style 1: 250px wide
  • For Style 2: 250px wide
  • For Style 3: 845px wide
  • For Style 4: 1140px wide
  • For the Masonry Layout: 250px to 450px, but your height can vary.

When you upload your featured image, I recommend you have it cropped and optimized before doing so because this theme does not have a preset cropped function for your featured image


Screencast – Blog Styles