Circumference is updated to version 1.0.2

Circumference was updated to version 1.0.2 with a couple important updates. This update also includes one from a previous update that was not announced yet which was version 1.0.1 and this resulted in a change of how fonts were included into the theme. This latest version fixes an incorrect path to the font files which were showing up as 404 errors (not found), so this means the fonts used were not being displayed in your website unless you had the font already installed on your computer.

The other fix in this latest release focused on how Circumference list styles were implemented. Apparently they created conflicts with third party plugins that use list layouts and required no bullet or styling; with this theme, they were adding grey bullet points beside each list item. I’ve changed the list styles to use the standard default bullet style (a dot) and for any of the special list styles this theme offers, these are done by adding the class to the <ul> tag. For more details, refer to the theme tutorials and to the snippet text file for list styles.

Changes Made:

  1. Changed how the default list style is used and recoded the other list styles
  2. Fixed an incorrect path to the fonts used in this theme

NOTE: A reminder that if you made any changes to the theme’s files, including the style.css file, these will be overwritten. It’s also recommended you make a copy of your theme and save it somewhere as a backup.