Create a Custom Front Page and move the Blog

The most common change people make with WordPress now is moving the blog further into the site and create a custom page for the front of their site; also known as a static front page. We will show you how this is done which is what we did for the live demo site for Circumference. What you put on your custom front page will be up to you, but this tutorial will get you started with a foundation to build on.

Create Two Pages

  1. Create one page and call it “Home” or whatever you want.
  2. Choose a page template for your new front page.
  3. Add your content if any
  4. Publish your page.
  5. Create a second page and call it “Blog” or whatever you want to represent your blog
  6. Publish your page.

Tell WordPress What to Use

  1. Go to Settings >> Reading
  2. Under “Front Page Displays“, select the Static Page option.
  3. For the Front Page, select from the dropdown the Home page you made
  4. For the Posts Page, select from the dropdown the Blog page you made
  5. Save your changes

Add Pages to Your Menu

  1. Go to Appearance >> Menus
  2. Add your Home and Blog pages to the Primary Menu (your main site menu)
  3. Click Save Menu

Now you have a static front page and your blog is not further in your site. Plus, you now have a Home and Blog menu link on your main menu.

Screencast Tutorial