Create a Drop Cap in a paragraph

A drop cap is generally used at the start of a first paragraph and the first letter of the first word. It usually takes up 2-3 lines in size and will often be stylish in one way or another. Luminescence offers a drop cap for you using a font called “Merienda” that is included in this theme from Google Fonts. An example of what it looks like can be seen here on the live demo site:

Drop Cap

Basically it will look like this:


How to Create a Drop Cap

Switch to your editor’s “Text” tab and copy & paste this code right after the opening <p> tag in your paragraph…just in front of your first word:

<span class="dropcap">T</span>his is your paragraph text...

You control the colour of your drop cap, for example to make it black, you can add an inline style like this:

<span class="dropcap" style="color: #000;">T</span>his is your paragraph text...