Customize the page background

You can change the page background for Pure & Simple, which already comes with a default background already setup for you. However, you may want to change it to your own preference. Your choicces are:

  • Using the default background
  • Upload and use your own background
  • Use a transparent image with background colour
  • Or just have a background colour without an image

Some people may opt in for a full sized image, or you can use an image and with the WP Background settings, tile it to how you want it. Also be aware that if you have set your web page to be full width, only short pages will show the page background at the bottom area.

Transparent Image with Background Colour

  1. Go to Appearance >> Background
  2. You can upload your own or keep the existing transparent image
  3. Click on the colour selector for your background colour
  4. Click Save Changes

Image Background

  1. Go to Appearance >> Background
  2. Click on Remove Background Image
  3. Click on Choose File (your image file) to upload
  4. Select how you want your image to be positioned, repeat, attached, etc.
  5. No need to select a colour because you are using a static non-transparent image
  6. Click Save Changes