eCommerce SEO tips for sites using Styled Themes!

The success of an online business depends on the task of rendering your rank higher on search engines. This is a universal truth of present era and demands our repeated focus on the available eCommerce SEO tips to boost our ranking as much as possible.

Of course it can be a difficult and time consuming task, but, if we don’t do this, we simply don’t exist in the virtual world. This can be a biggest problem for your business!
In saying so, many of us must be left wondering about the elements that pulls these search engines towards our site. What are these elements? And how does search engines rank? If we have to answer this, we must say that various search engines evaluate a list of different factors before they actually rank our site and display it on the search result. Let us take a brief look at some of these.

Organic Search:-

Organic search displays your site on search engines because of their relevance to the search terms. i.e if search engine finds the item which is being searched by user on your site, it will display your site. But despite being simple in theory, applying it practically is really really difficult. You should keep your eye on a varied list of factors before you really show up. These factors are:

Short and long tail keyword:-

Short tail keywords, better known as “head” terms are usually 2 words long. These are the keywords that bring most of the traffic for a site. As an ecommerce owner, you should focus on using keywords of this nature. For eg: “Branded Shoes” will be enough as a short tail keyword.

But in saying so, we can’t simply ignore the traffic that can be attracted through long tail keywords. These keywords are usually 3-5 words long and also has the potential to give you an attractive traffic. But, needless to say, this traffic will be lower than that of short tail. To take an example, “Order Branded Shoes Online” will be good for a long tail keyword.


You can easily build backlinks through Press Release or by simply putting your links on social medias. On the other hand,  you can also leave your link on Blogs related to your business. Do concentrate on blogs with a high number of users. Plus they should also be related to your business. Only then, you will be able to grab new customers.

Backlinks are simply not the things to ignore because search engines heavily rely on evaluating these links to rank your site. Since it has the potential to provide a great boost to your business, it’s highly recommended that you post your links on as many places as you can. But again, make sure to choose the places which are relevant to your business. It’s never a good idea to put your hook where the real fish don’t lie.

Social Media:-

Social medias are great to build backlinks. It is done for the purpose described above, but, besides this, they fulfill some other major purpose too. They are the best place to introduce your product and build public relation. This is the reason why you should build an attractive page on these medias and update them regularly. You should make it easy for customers to get all the information about your product as much as you can.

Recently, a different trend has been emerging in these medias and you should grab this trend for your business purpose. These medias are serving as parallel search engines these days. The number of people searching for the information of their choice is growing rapidly in these medias. There are a large group of people who don’t go for search engines but search on social networking sites directly. Even for the sole reason to maintain your presence only, you should focus on these sites regularly.

Social Medias are of major importance also because they help your site rank higher on search engines. Spiders crawl to find information about your site and evaluate your backlinks on these sites. Thus, you should not miss your chance.

Dynamic content:-

It’s not a good idea to include dynamic contents on your site. This is because it renders your page invisible to search engines. But what you should be careful about is to post new and revised content time and again. This is what is necessary to boost your credibility on search engines.

Javascript and CSS:-

Always try to minimize JavaScript and CSS content on your site. Using too much of them will increase the load time of your website. This will hamper your SEO rankings.

Further make sure you don’t block the JavaScript and CSS contents of file “Robots.txt”. Google needs to access these contents to make sure that your page is mobile friendly and to apply mobile friendly tags in the search results. This will boost your mobile search results.

Also Google analyzes the JavaScript and CSS contents to make sure the site is being used spammily or not. Thus hiding JavaScript and CSS contents can raise doubt about your website and can nullify your SEO efforts.

Paid Search

Google Adwords:-

You can rank your site higher in google by purchasing keywords from google adwords. This is a paid method and is very much effective to market your products. You can easily bring in new website visitors and grow your sales.

Further you can target your campaigns based on countries, regions and cities. This will make your campaign much more effective. With google adwords, you will get precise customers who are looking for your products. Thus, you can just focus on allocating your budget and grabbing new customers.

Facebook Marketing:-

Facebook gives you advanced marketing features to promote your product. It provides a state of an art targeted advertising platform. You can create ads targeted at specific geographic areas, ages, education level and even on the basis of the type of browsing device a customer use.

With facebook, you have the chance to target precise customer of your desire. Further, the usability of this site is immense because the number of active users reached 1.65 billion monthly on the first quarter of 2016. So it gives you an opportunity to reach and grab a huge amount of customers. This also boosts your SEO value.

Twitter Marketing:-

Like Facebook, twitter is also one of the most famous social networking site. I has 1.20 billion of daily active user. Whereas the total number of people using twitter has reached 3.10 billion in the first quarter of 2016. Thus twitter is also a huge market for a business.

Twitter offers a dedicated marketing system to help advertise one’s business. It helps to raise brand awareness by connecting your company with current and prospective customers. Engaging in these activities will also push your SEO ranking higher.

Instagram Marketing:-

A recently emerged trend is of Instagram Marketing. It was not an easy task to market on Instagram a year ago. But a business can do it now easily because of its newly introduced features targeted solely for this purpose.  

Launching your ads campaign on sites such as instagram will certainly have a positive impact for your business and SEO. So go for it!

This time, when you use Styled Themes for ecommerce purpose, please make sure to apply these SEO tips to boost your business. After all, your ranking on search engines is a factor that will enable you run a successful business for a much longer time!
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