Welcome to the FAQ’s where you can find a variety of questions with answers relating to memberships, the Styled Themes website, and themes of course. Please note that the questions and answers on this page may change at any time.

Question: What is the difference between the  memberships?

The Theme Membership is the standard theme membership which provides you updates and support access for 12 months. It is re-billed annually at a 50% price off. The Lifetime Membership has the same access however it is a one-off payment. You access lasts for good. No rebills. NOTE: From any membership, you can easily upgrade to any one that is higher than the other.

Question: Can I upgrade to a theme membership if I only purchased a single theme?

You can upgrade your single theme membership to a Theme Membership by logging in and going to “My Account” section and choose the one you wish to upgrade to.

Question: Can I still use my theme when my membership expires?

Absolutely! Although your membership expires, you still get to use the theme (or themes) as long as you want. However, I would recommend renewing your membership if you wish to keep receiving support, theme updates, and more.

Question: Why do I have to log in to see theme setup documentation?

Because our theme documentation includes videos, this allows us to maintain viewing for members only. However, our Lite “Free” versions are publicly accessible.

Question: What does Support include and not include?

Theme support covers you for learning and understanding how theme features work, when you experience an error, a bug, and to provide you with theme updates throughout your active membership. What support does NOT INCLUDE is anything relating to WordPress, third party plugins, or teaching how to create HTML, CSS, or other forms of coding when you want to make custom changes. More information about our Support Policy here.

Question: Where can I get support for the Lite (free) version of your themes?

Theme support for my Lite (Free) versions of themes are done from the theme pages located on the website. You can start from my WordPress Profile Page and then click on the theme you need support for.

Question: Can I get a refund?

We at Styled Themes want you to be completely happy with your purchase. if you are unhappy with your theme, you have up to 14 days to request one. For more information, please see our Refund Policy.

Question: Why can’t I log into the site or get access to support or themes?

There are several reasons why you be experiencing non-access to areas of the site:

  1. You do not have a membership that grants you access to specific areas.
  2. Your membership has expired.
  3. Your user account might be temporarily blocked by administration if there is an investigation regarding your account.
  4. You might be blocked by our security system if your login exceeds 3 failed attempts (blocked for 24 hours).
  5. A website error could render access when trying to log in (please contact us with details).

Question: Can I share my membership with others?

Quick Answer is NO! You cannot share your user account login with anyone other than yourself unless you need your designer or whoever is helping to put your website together, This is allowed only for the Support Membership option. If you have a Theme Membership (access to all themes), this is not allowed; please contact us and we will create a temporary user account for your designer. Also be aware that anyone using your login will have access to your account information.

Question: How often do you release new themes?

Creating a WordPress theme is very time consuming work because of what is involved. At the moment, there is just one person running the site, providing support, and developing themes, so on average, it takes 2-3 months per theme.

Question: What kind of License does your themes have?

Styled Themes uses the GPL license for its themes. In a nutshell, there are no restrictions on how many sites you can use the theme(s), or how you use a theme. Please note that all licence and copyright notices within the source code of files must stay intact. For more information about the GPL license, please visit: GPL License Guidelines

Question: How do I activate My License key to Receive Updates?

You need to enter your license key that was emailed to you in the Purchase Receipt email to the Apperance / Thene License admin menu. More info on updating themes can be found here.

Question: How do I customize my theme?

Some people may want to make changes (customize) their theme by editing the files but are not sure how to do this. Your options are:

  1. Use a child theme (each theme includes one for you) which is a blank theme that inherits the styles and functions of the parent theme (the original theme). This allows you to make theme changes and still be able to get theme updates without losing your modifications by being overwritten.
  2. Use a CSS editing plugin, such as JetPack which has a feature in it that lets you edit the theme’s stylesheet without actually changing the theme’s original stylesheet.
  3. Change the theme files directly. Although not recommended, some people are comfortable doing this and able to apply theme updates at the same time.