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Sushil Adhikari

Hi Jana….unfortunately, it depends on what plugins and other third party things you put into your site or that already exist in your site. If they are not responsive, you won’t get a 100% responsive website. The theme is responsive, so when someone builds a site, it’s important to use plugins and other elements that are responsive as well (if maintaining a responsive site is important).

It looks like your Sign up Now form box is not responsive, as well, the big input field at the bottom of your page to enter in an email address is also not responsive.

The other thing that is very important is to make sure your theme is also up to date. I took a look and it appears you are on version 1.3.2. The current version of Encounters is now at 1.5.7, so you may want to consider updating the theme; perhaps that might solve some of your issues too.