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I was not aware that iFrame code, in general, can be a problem. It seems to be relatively common. I do understand your explanation regarding how the iFrame works. What I am not sure about is the height column calculation portion. Clearly this is not my forte! In looking through all the pages, the height does adjust appropriately, so I assume it must be the Rafflecopter (iframe) form that is messing the one page up. Hmmm…..

Any hints on another, better social media plugin is greatly appreciated. Does JetPack have something? We haven’t installed that as yet. Didn’t want to do too much too fast. In the past I have tried JetPack and not been satisfied for various reasons, but I am willing to try it again with this newer theme that is more up-to-date.

Thanks again. I appreciate your insights.

If I may ask another question (or I can start a new topic if preferred): We love the shortened post format on the blog, but wondered if there was an easy way to adjust it so that a bit more than just two lines showed in the excerpt? Even just a paragraph would do. Thanks!