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Jennifer Gatewood


I just installed the updated theme. The link for the “quote post” has been corrected. However, it opens up a new tab when clicked instead of staying in the same window. Is that the proper behavior for the “quote post” format?

Also, I’ve notice a couple of other issues, both also involving custom post formats. The “image” post links for title and metadata are not the same color as the other post titles. I have an image post on my front page for you to look at titled “Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall from The Big Sleep.” The H2 color for all the other posts is black. The image post H2 is blue. The color for the date and edit box are different as well.

The “link post” format is not working correctly either. My example post on the front page is “Recommended Website: The Godfather Trilogy.” Part of the text, which is not a link, is actually linked to the post title and is going to page not found. The actual link is working fine, but the beginning text of the post should not be a link. You’ll notice that the words, First published in 1995 by J. Geoff Malta, is highlighted for some reason. I’ve attached the HTML for this post for you to review.

Thanks so much!