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John Maberry

Ok, I managed to locate the download and found your blog instructions on how update the theme. But I need to know the impact on the site if follow the instructions to delete the theme before adding the update. I am using a child theme so my changes should remain, right? After I hear back from you I will do the update and see how it works. But it would be helpful if there is a details page indicating changes from the previous version. If there is one, where do I find that.

Is there some way you could incorporate this process into the regular theme update system within WordPress?

It would be helpful if you could manage to provide info on the need for updates through WordPress.
Your new website design doesn’t have an updates menu. It does look good, though. You have to find updates through the My Account section under downloads. Now that I know I need to follow you on G+ I am doing that. As it is, I couldn’t find a post there on this theme being updated.