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Binaya D

HI Miranda,

In tutorial we have told to upload the styles of flat responsive, so please check the tutorial once.


Upload the Slideshow Theme

With the flat responsive theme, you get a custom theme for the slideshow to match what you have seen on the live demo website. You can find this style in the the “flat-responsive-package” folder, then in that you will find a folder named “widgetkit”. In that is another folder “slideshow”, and then inside that is a folder named “flat-responsive”.

Using your FTP program, upload the “flat-responsive” folder into the “styles” folder here:

wp-content >> plugins >> widgetkit >> widgets >> slideshow >> styles

You should see a folder inside “styles” named “default” which is the default theme (style) for the Widgetkit Slideshow; flat responsive will be installed there as well next to it.