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Sushil Adhikari

Hi Hemen,

Of course you can do this, but you have to be technically sound on WordPress. As this task required customization.

Here we will give tips on how to do.

You have to overwrite puresimple_paging_nav() of parent theme on child theme functions.php file. And use the_posts_pagination() function . This function is used by twentysixteen theme you can see on index.php template .

Here is the example

` // Previous/next page navigation.
the_posts_pagination( array(
‘prev_text’ => __( ‘Previous page’, ‘twentysixteen’ ),
‘next_text’ => __( ‘Next page’, ‘twentysixteen’ ),
‘before_page_number’ => ‘‘ . __( ‘Page’, ‘twentysixteen’ ) . ‘ ‘,
) );`

Note: Design may look ugly so you have to do some tweak there.