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Ok, thanks for your help, I made good progress on this.

It looks good, but I have a small problem with the text. I am using your code snippet for my captions, so I can change the margin slightly for each line. But I want to use the same font throughout, so I changed each div class to “caption 2”, and the problem is that it cuts off the bottoms of hanging letters like “y” and “g”. How can I correct this?

<div class=transbox>
<div style=”text-align:right;”>
<div class=”caption2″ style=”margin-right: 28%; color: #fff;”>Personalize it</div>
<div class=”caption2″ style=”margin-right: 23%; color: #fff;”>by Customizing it!</div>
<div class=”caption2″ style=”margin-right: 13%; color: #fff;”>Make it Your Way</div>

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