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Okay, so I think I solved that problem by overriding the caption2 2em/1em in the main css to just 2em in the child css. Now the lines are spaced more than I would like but it works.

NOW what I would like to solve, and don’t seem to be able to, is to be able to move the transparent box and caption higher or lower on the slide – it seems to be vertically centered in the circumference slideshow and I would like to be able to move it based on the underlying image. I tried several variations of “position” and “vertical-align” with no success at all.

The default wk slideshow placed them at the bottom of the slide, which seems preferable in most cases on my selected slides.

Thanks. Sorry to keep posting that I have figured something out and then moving on to something else, but we seem to be on opposite sides of the world and I can only get one response from you per day 🙂