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Sushil Adhikari

Dear Umair Vanthaliwala,

Thank you for contacting Styled Theme support team.

1) How do I create the same Contact page that you guys have in the demo ?
=> To have form as per the demo you need to install contact form 7 and create required field. Then paste the shortcode provided by contact form 7 on to the page editor.If you want to have contact information then you can place the contact details on to text widgets and place on to the page right sidebar.

You can see the tutorial for creating form using contact form 7 here:

2) In your demo portfolio page ( How do I add the “Filter: All, Audio, Video” option in that page

=> First create a page called portfolio then select portfolio sortable template. If you have create post on portfolio custom post type then you will get those filter on to your portfolio page.

Note: You need to create terms from portfolio custom post type and assisgn to the specific post so you can get filter menu

Let us know if you have got any problems on this.