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Derya Akyuz

Dear Mr. Adhikari,

Thank you very much for your reply. I appreciate. !! and many thanks for creating an adorable theme like this.
Yes I utilized the Lavish 2.5.1 version of the FREE one.

Also many thanks for letting me know the correct forum details. Unfortunately, we cannot proceed with your suggestion. However, as you indicated, PRO version is capable of much more. We will utilize the PRO in any case. I am very amateur in webdesign and this was my first time website trial. Also we just established our “tiniest-on-earth” organization and we tried to minimize our expenses. However, I will do so, as soon as I can.

I’ll see if I can use any plug-in as a remedy, if not it can stay like that afterall… Probably we’ll be able to use PRO after September 2017.

Thanks & B.Regards
Derya Akyüz