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A few more items related to the staff page and profiles –

Why are they not full width? the huge amount of empty white space on the right seems odd. What’s the easiest way to get rid of that?

The page displays the staff member’s name twice, but not their title. Can I replace the second instance of the name with their title instead?

On the overall staff page, it should be an option to choose a custom order in which the staff thumbnails and intro text appear, but I didn’t see an option to do this. Did I miss it? Most companies want their staff to appear in order of the rank of their job titles, and it’s important to be able to update or add new profiles without disrupting the order of the rest of the page.

Respectfully, I feel like these are basic things that should be the default for a staff member profile that looks finished and professional. I would recommend incorporating them in future versions of this theme.