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John Cathcart

The site I’m working on right now is SpearfishAcademy.com

I don’t believe I have a customized grid layout. I am using the full width layout option (no side bars).

I see exactly what you do in the code. That is not the problem. Please see my attached image.

The code definitely SAYS that the lower portion of the page is a maximum of 1400px wide, but when measured edge to edge in photoshop, you can see that it is actually 1750px wide (an extra 350 pixels wide). If I set it to 1200px, it comes up at 1500px wide (300 extra pixels wider than it should be).

Additionally, the logo image at the top of the page is 1750px wide (made to match the width as it appears currently), but when the logo is rendered on the page, it gets scaled down to 1425px wide. It doesn’t seem to matter how large I make that image. It can be 2000px wide originally or 1500px wide… it still gets scaled down to 1425px wide, which does not match up with the width of either the 1200px or 1400px wide setting for the page itself. Therefore the top logo can never be as wide as the bottom is (which I want it to be exactly as wide).

Thanks for your time and I look forward to figuring this out.

**Note** my first attempt at replying here the attachment was too large, tried to edit/replace and then my whole reply disappeared.**

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