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I’ve tried to fix this issue and it’s still not working. To recap: I have a static front page, a Blog page, About page, etc. I make edits using the child theme.

I checked SETTING => READING: Front page displays a Static Page. In the drop down menu-
Front page is HOME
Post page is BLOG

I had initially added the first post under the BLOG page, but after researching I discovered this was a mistake and it should remain empty. So I deleted the content under the Blog page and kept the Blog page itself. I ADDED the two posts under the Post ==> Add New . The posts are still not displayed on my website. Now the Blog page has the words “Nothing Found.”

This is very frustrating. Especially since the tutorials don’t give any troubleshooting tips and there’s no search field on these forums to find your particular issue. Instead, you have to sift through pages and pages and pages and pages of issues.

If I get any instruction to add code to a css style sheet, please clarify if that css location would be: Appearance => Menu => Additional CSS?</strong? Or Appearance => Edit CSS ?