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Hello Elizabeth,

Thanks for your feedback. Please see responses for each points:

1. The theme utilizes an older version of Widgetkit which we bundle. It’s not compatible with the new versions and the reason for this is that we did not like the direction Widgetkit development has taken.
For now we don’t have plans to replace the old version but if you see any issues with it please raise the specific bug and we will address it.

2. Could you point out which page had this issue please? We are not aware of a scrolling issue but if it occured we would like to look into it.

3. Regarding WooCommerce template version notices: WooCommerce updates often, sometimes multiple times a month. If there are no significant functional changes to templates we tweaked with the theme and there are no visual issues, the templates in the theme don’t need updating. The template update notice can be dismissed and ignored. It’s simply a mismatch in version numbers that can be ignored most of the times.

4. I wouldn’t recommend installing PHP 7.3 just yet as even the WP core team are finding bugs related to the newest php version. I think 7.2 is the best choice at this point in time which our theme is fully compatible with. If you are in doubt you can use a free tool to check prior to updating

In summary, we will be maintaining support and updates to Circumference Pro.