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Thanks for posting this. I have had multiple problems with Pure & Simple Pro 4.6. However *my* issue was attempting to upgrade from a previous Pure & Simple Pro version (4.4.2). I had already been using a child theme for several years with 4.4.2. However when I tried to upgrade the PARENT to v. 4.6.0, I get multiple errors. WordPress goes through the update process, says the theme was updated successfully, but when I activate it, I get a page of error messages. So I go back and activate the child theme, and all seems fine with the website, however on the dashboard themes page, WordPress still says that a new version on Pure & Simple Pro is available (4.6.0), and asks if I want to update. (In other words, the parent was not updated successfully.)

I have emailed Styled Themes support several times with detailed error messages, but have not heard back from them.

The file structure of version 4.6.0 is quite different from 4.4.2. As you noted, there is no “puresimple” folder. There is also no “puresimple-child” folder. After reading your post, I renamed “puresimple-main” to “puresimple”, then tried activating 4.6.0 again. It seemed to activate this time, the website looked like crap, so I went back and activated the child theme, and everything was back to normal. i.e., my customizations were back in place.

I still couldn’t tell for sure *which* parent the child was using – the new 4.6.0 or the old 4.4.2 – however the dashboard was no longer saying that a theme update was available, so I took that as progress. I finally confirmed that the child was indeed using 4.6.0 as the parent by going to the system status page in WooCommerce.

Bottomline: There’s lots of info online about creating and using a child theme, and why it’s a Good Thing(TM). But there’s *nothing* I could find with specific instructions on: Ok, I *am* using a child theme, but now I need to update the parent theme. How exactly do I do that? I believe the process is to simply click on “Update Theme” when WordPress detects that there’s a new version of your theme available. Then you have to activate the new version (parent), and by doing so, you (temporarily) lose all your customizations, so then you go back and activate the child again. With the child activated again, your customizations are back, and the parent is updated.

And the other Bottomline is, there’s a problem with Pure & Simple Pro 4.6.0’s installation / file structure. I would love to hear about other people’s experiences installing or upgrading Pure & Simple Pro 4.6.0. Am I missing something here?