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Thanks for the response, I appreciate your time. WRT the zip file/s, this was done. I read through the documentation and this forum before posting, and after manually uploading the Preference folder WP recognises that the theme is there,. Due to the number of downloads I wondered if my error was a one-off or not, but it is worth checking as you mention having just repackaged the files so I am trying to rule out possible errors as I fault-find. I have uploaded as you suggest, and have tried several variations of the file structure as well (with the Preference-package and the & Extras folder) to see if a file is calling to a file path that isn’t right, but haven’t been successful. On that last point – would it be possible for you to release a screenshot of a working /themes/preference… folder structure as a part of the installation instructions, given that there is a little confusion with the Preference-package/ files.

I am thinking more of a corrupt file, as I described above the theme is actually recognised by WP when I manually install it, as it displays a preview screen and the descriptive text on the Installed Themes page, but that the Live Preview for Preference fails to load anything, and when I activated the theme it returns white screens and I then couldn’t access any WP pages on the frontend and the backend.

I love this theme, and do really appreciate your level of support. As I am installing this for a client I prefer to not pass on log-in details just yet. Hopefully I am doing something simple wrong and we can work this out quickly.