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Thank you for the reply, and the advice! I have been working on a child theme and have tried manually adding the contact link & image I made to mimic the facebook icon so I was on the right track. The problem I’m running into though is It bumps the facebook icon to the next line. What should I be changing to make it appear as it would if it were a regular social link in the socialbar? Here is what I have:

Email us <?php $options = get_theme_mods(); echo '
'; if (!empty($options['twitter_uid'])) echo '

…then the rest of the social links follow.

This is my site

I commented out the above code I was playing with so I don’t freak out the person I’m designing this for, but I attached a screen shot of how my email link shows up incorrectly.

I also included a jpg of how I want it to look, but can’t seem to figure out how to get it that way.

I’d really appreciate any assistance completing this task.

Thank you!!

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