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Hi Binaya
My main problem now is that Left Widget area is not functioning. The theme include the following Widget areas among others:

1. Blog Right Sidebar
2. Blog left Sidebar
3. Page Right Sidebar
4. Page left Sidebar

When I add any available widget to 2 and 4 above, I mean to the Left side of the site, it does not appear on the main website. I have tried many available widget like Text, Image, Calendar etc but nothing appear when I refresh my main website. It works fine when I add anything to Right sidebar but nothing can be added to the left side. As I told you earlier, the customization area also does not show 2 and 4. It only shows 1 and 3.
I believe that Pure & Simple Pro support Left side widget area as well. If it supports please advise why it is not showing up and how it could be restored.
Thanks for your time and help.