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Hello Roshan

Thank you so much for your fast reply 🙂

I have the css import in the child theme but you know, I agree I am probably way too often checking my site on GTmetrix … ha… but everything which can slow down and be easily fixed is good anyway.

Now may be it is child theme plugin which creates that?

I tested on a test site the child theme (top) changed
/@import url



It did not break anything.

I don’t know if it helps much but that’s following the GTmetrix stuffs that says “Using CSS @import in an external stylesheet can add additional delays during the loading of a web page”

You gonna think I am a maniac…yes, I am really trying hard to make my sites as user friendly as possible but I have to emphasize again that your themes are one of the lightest and again, the absolute best for responsive out there so don’t take offense..ha..

Thank you again so much for your fast reply.

Kindest regards, Prisca