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Sushil Adhikari

Hi Alice…first, thanks for the theme comment.
As for your bbpress issues, I should mention that this theme was never tested or setup to use bbPress, so any support required for bbpress should come from the developers of it. However, I will see what I can do here from what you posted.

For the bbPress search showing result list numbering but no visible results, it could be that they are there but the text may be white on a white background. Drag your mouse over the area and see if it highlights any text; if so then you know it’s there, but the text colour needs to change.

Styling for the bbPress search is going to be their own styling, whereas the one for the theme has styling for the WP default search widget. This is why you get a difference between the two. You could apply the styling from the theme on to the bbPress search, but this will require you to know some CSS. This is also going to be the same or similar issue you see with the buddy press and bbpress log-in widgets. They each have their own styling, and unless the theme itself has custom styling included (like I did with my Circumference and Preferential themes, you would need to apply their widgets to the theme’s own styling.

Not quite sure I understand what you mean by the two editors having two styles…ultimately editors will have their own style and not easily customizable unless you use a custom editor plugin that offers additional styles you can choose from.

Button styles will depend on where and what…generally third party and form based buttons in plugins are a little more difficult to style, but for adding your own buttons to your own custom built forms, or making a text link a button is a lot easier. For adding the button class (style) to a text link, you can follow this:


So if you have a text link like this:

My Button

You would add the button classes to that like this:

My Button

The above makes the text link a standard button with the class “btn” and the “btn-dark” makes it a dark button…you can also do “btn-light” if you prefer the lighter colour. You can also change the sizes to like “btn-lg” or “btn-small” or “btn-xs” or just “btn” for a standard dark button.