Sushil Adhikari

As the viewing area changes in height, width, and resolution, content changes in size and position, especially for a responsive website. In the world of HTML and CSS, there are limitations and one is fluid height (%) which does not exist without using javascript or jquery script. The only other method would require some creative CSS coding, but if you always want your copyright to stay at the bottom, regardless, then you need to look into changing the theme code first for the copyright wrapper container and to make it “absolute” positioning at the bottom.

Long and technical story short, this is just how it functions with all the various elements that play together with different and fluid screen sizes; how much and what type of content you have in your page is also a key factor. This will also display depending on what kind of code modifications you make (or made yourself to the theme files and CSS)….and it looks like you made several. In fact, I had to look at the style.css to see what theme you were using of mine because on the front-end side, there isn’t much left of it showing.