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No, actually I totally forgot that I had that option. Thanks for the reminder. I must have known about that option earlier though when I went through all the options to set them the way I wanted them a few weeks ago when I purchased the theme, because I do have it set to use the left sidebar. (Any chance you could add a third option for left and right sidebars?)

Ok, so now I know that WordPress ignores my page template selection, and I had forgotten that I set the blog page to have a left sidebar. So now I know the blog page is working exactly the way it is supposed to. But, there is one more thing that doesn’t look right.

The contents of the blog right sidebar is being shown on the left side of the page. I provided a screen shot of the widgets I have in the blog left and right sidebars. The top widget in both sidebars is a text widget that just says whether it is in the left or right sidebar. And the right sidebar text is showing up on the left side of the screen.

I’m so sorry for this being such a long saga :0 I really do appreciate your help.

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