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Sushil Adhikari

actually… I found the error which is on my part. In the parent theme style.css around line 226 is this:

#content-wrapper {
padding: 30px 0 50px;
background-color: #FFF;
border-bottom: 7px solid #BF7B7B;
font-size: 12px;
font-size: 0.750rem;
line-height: 22px;
line-height: 1.375rem;
color: #787B7F;

Change the font-size: 0.75rem; to be this:

font-size: 0.75em;

(rem to em)

I will need to create a major update to this theme to make the fonts more consistent and to change the rem values to em’s instead. This is a relative size which means if you make your body font size in a percent, such as 110%, then the rest of the content in the page will adjust the their font size to be relative to that 110%. It’s a bit techy I know, but this is actually the correct way to create sizing in themes nowadays…to be relative. Using px sizes whether fonts or paddings, etc., do not change if you change the body base size because using px is a “fixed” size, meaning it won’t change.