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I was having the same problem last night. My conclusion is that the database is hosed up. The problem started happening to me last night after I was trying to debug the header code. I was using the customizer frequently to switch between header styles, adding and removing a header image, and adding and removing text or an image from the Banner-Wide widget to try and figure out how the header image is really supposed to work. (I found that when I selected header one in the cusotmizer, the css class “header_two” was inserted into the html, and when I selected header two, the css class “header_one” was inserted into to the html.) I was using the customizer so much that eventually the customizer’s “save and publish” button stopped working the way it was supposed to (the button never grayed out as though it had ‘saved’ my settings and everytime I closed the customizer my browser asked me if I wanted to leave the page acting as though I had unsaved changes on the page), and the media library stopped working. I could no longer view images in the media gallery. The spinning “progress” indicator just kept spinning and spinning. There’s definitely a bug somewhere in the system and it will be very hard to find. Like I said, I was working a lot with the header and changing settings frequently, and then things started working wonky. Fortunately for me though, I was only investigating how the theme is supposed to work and not building an actual website. But tonight I am going to delete the tables in the database and reinstall wordpress and the theme and just start over. I can’t say I’m extremely happy with this theme though. I bought it because it seems to have the most features compared to the other themes, and I like some of those features, but I not real happy with how the header is working. I wish it had a completely different header. I also wish StyledThemes.com would provide good documentation like WpHoot.com does. It would have saved me a lot of time figuring out how difficult it is to actually use a header_image and use the Banner Wide widget at the time. So far, it looks like you can only use one or the other but not both. My client wants her business image as a header image at the top of every page with the menu sitting below the image. And due to the complexity of the code it looks like areally tough change to make. But I’m just rambling now. My point is, I see the same problem you are seeing and I feel you pain 🙁