Ron King

I’m attached a picture so you can see it’s not working.
I also have another, really urgent problem.

These were all created using the WordPress “Create Audio Playlist.” They worked when I created them, but have real issues now. I tested them in Chrome, Edge and Firefox. I had a programmer look at the sites and he finally came to the conclusion that it was a problem with your themes. Both he and I then tested the with different themes that weren’t yours, and the Playlist files worked fine.

World Jazz Scene – not updated recently “Encounters Theme”
All of the titles are linked to sound files. Notice that in the little black window it shows “download.” Nothing works on the site any longer, but it sure used to. What should show there are the controls.

Jim Templeton’s site. Completely updated. “Celestial”
http://jimivories.net/the-cosmic-dust-fusion-band/ It shows the same “download” text here, but in this case if you refresh the page it works.
Sound files done a bit differently here, but the same problem. Works if the page is refreshed.

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