Ron King

At the time of my question, I hadn’t gotten it to work so I just did something else, so I could get on with my life. Here’s something I hate, I tried putting in an image in with the text one more time, for no good reason, and the text wrapped around it just like I had wanted. What I meant when I said it was something I hate was because when something doesn’t work, and then does work, with nothing being changed, and I don’t know why. For the life of me I can think of nothing I could have done to make it different. When something is fixed, I want to know why for the time it happens again. I’m thinking one of my problems is that I’m trying to be to fancy and make pages look like I did in the old days.

Going on…. On the demo site,under “pages,” it appears the links are demonstrations of page templates, except for two. How is the page “Meet the Team” done? I want to try that.

Can you give me a hint what the next theme is going to look like? Ron