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Ron King

Andre, there is something else happening. I had thought it was probably related to the menu not showing so I never mentioned it but it’s killing me. I’m using the TinyMCE Tables plugin. Let’s say I have three columns and everything is set to align to the top. Everything works fine as long as I’m using text, but if I put a photo in one of the cells, then the text, when I enter it in the cell next to it, aligns in the middle. There is no way I can get it to the top. Everything is set up exactly like it was in Encounters and Luminescense, and everything worked fine in those. Now when I actually view the page, everything is aligned properly. If just in the edit mode where it doesn’t work, and it makes it difficult enough to work with that I won’t if it can’t be fixed. I’ll need to go to another theme, but I really want to use this one. We could blame it on the plugin except that it works fine elsewhere. I tried different settings wherever I could, but it doesn’t seem to matter.