Reply To: Comments for Blog

Sushil Adhikari

Did you make any modifications to the theme? I just noticed the post info below the post titles has no “Comments” showing there, likewise, no comment form when viewing the full post. Something is not quite right, missing, or something wasn’t updated correctly…

I just logged into my local test site running Celestial Reloaded 2.4.1 (which is what you are running) and I have the Comments showing under the title as well the comment form is showing.

It’s 11:30pm here for me so I will be calling it a night but will follow up tomorrow. In the mean time, you may want to double check your settings, but also do a quick search on the forums for missing comments. You may also want to overwrite the theme files with a new batch of files in case you did an update but did not have all the files.