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Shawn Davis

Yes I have wordpress in two different locations…. I did this only offer rss feed to members. The membership software blocked the rss feed from working with newsletter delivery. So I created the demo site with links to the protected site so that members would get the rss updates. I’m just a psychotherapist…so just learning this stuff as I go with my husbands help. This was the only way we could figure out. I use amember to protect my content: videos, articles etc and to create tiered membership levels with newsletter integration for my mental health self help program I recently started up.

Yes the CSS plugin is on both sites, but only works on the demo site. The amember protected site is the one that is not working, so my question is if I should contact amember to see if they need to fix some code related to their software. Since I took your theme off and replaced it with a new theme…and still nothing worked…I’m assuming your theme is not the problem. Does that sound correct?

Yes I followed the tutorial and set up as you instructed. The programmer of the widget was who mentioned that it might the be theme…that’s why I decided to ask to see if there could be any problem there. But like I said…since I took off all the plugins and changed out to a basic theme and it still didn’t work I’m thinking it’s the amember stuff…so I just wanted to double check with you to make sure I’m on the right track. Computer code is all greek to me! Thank you for trying to help.